Physis: Photography tours in Costa Rica you'll never forget

Ou fixed-date departures packages offer a completely effortless and streamlined experience

Join Us on a Photographic Journey with Physis

Are you an enthusiastic beginner, a passionate hobbyist, or a seasoned professional? No matter where you are on your photographic journey, there's a spot for you here. At Physis, we believe that every photographer, from the budding enthusiast to the seasoned pro, brings a unique perspective to the table. And Costa Rica? It's the canvas awaiting your artistic touch!

Hey there, fellow shutterbug!

Imagine this: The sun’s golden rays filtering through Costa Rica’s lush forests, a vibrant bird taking flight, and the quiet rustle of a creature in the undergrowth. Sounds like a photographer’s dream, doesn’t it? That’s the kind of magic we’re serving up with our fixed-date photography tours.

Our Photographic Calendar

  • Bird Photography Tours: Every alternate month, we set out to chase feathers and beaks. Birds in all their splendor, awaiting your lens.
  • Wildlife Photography Tours: Filling in the gaps, these tours broaden the horizon to encompass not just our feathered friends but the whole magnificent world of Costa Rican wildlife.

Curious about the schedule? Here’s a teaser: January’s all about the birds, February? Wildlife’s the star. And we keep alternating the spotlight.

What Makes Physis Special?

  • Consistent Adventures: Every month, we’re out there, cameras in hand. Choose when your soul yearns for Costa Rica’s beauty.
  • Walk Alongside a Pro: Here’s the fun part! Our very own Andy Bezara, the heart and lens behind Physis, will be leading the expedition. As a seasoned photographer and a proud member of esteemed societies like SINWP, PPA, PSA, and NANPA, Andy knows exactly what you’re looking for. Why? Because he’s one of us! His team and he are committed to making your trip an album of cherished memories.
  • Bond Over Apertures and ISOs: A minimum group of 6 photographers ensures there’s always someone to share a tip, a laugh, or a stunning moment. It’s camaraderie in every click.
  • Just Focus on the Shot: From cozy stays to smooth rides, we’ve got the logistics. You? Just be ready to capture.

Quick Heads Up:

  • Whenever your heart calls, remember, we’re here all year round. However, reserving your spot 6 months in advance? Golden advice!
  • We’ll roll the adventure with at least 6 enthusiastic photographers on board.

Thinking of Something More… Personal?

We get it. Sometimes you need that exclusive touch. And guess what? We’re all ears. Let’s design your very own private photography tour in Costa Rica. It’s your vision, your journey.

So, how about it? Ready to embark on a Costa Rican adventure with like-minded souls? Grab your gear, and let’s create magic through the lens together. We’re waiting! 📸

Regular and Upcoming Photo Tours

Join us and be part of this wonderful experience