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Exclusive Costa Rica Photography Tours

Capture the Heart of Adventure with Your Lens

Explore our real travel itineraries, from the enchanting Bird Photography Tour to the exhilarating Wildlife Photography Tour, for a glimpse of what awaits. These narratives are just the beginning, a source of inspiration for the endless possibilities that your custom journey can encompass.

Our commitment is to deliver a tour that resonates with your artistic vision and personal aspirations. Imagine a tour designed around the serene early morning light that bathes the forest canopy, or the golden hour when the jungle’s edges blur, and its inhabitants come to life. Whether you’re hoping to chronicle the exotic dance of hummingbirds or the majestic solitude of wild cats, your tailored experience is our priority.

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Why Physis?

Capture Every Moment, Experience Every Detail

Welcome to Physis Photography Tours, where your photography dreams come to life amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica.

Based in the vibrant heart of San Jose, we specialize in curating tailor-made, private, and utterly exclusive photography adventures just for you.

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Embark on a Journey Like No Other

At Physis, we believe in offering more than just a tour; we provide a holistic, immersive experience that delves deep into the soul of Costa Rica.

Our expert team is passionate about showcasing the hidden gems and untouched beauty of this tropical paradise, ensuring every moment is picture-perfect and every experience is uniquely yours.

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Exclusivity at Its Best

With Physis, you are not just a tourist; you are an explorer, a storyteller, and an artist. Our all-in-one photography tours are meticulously designed to cater to your individual preferences, providing you with a seamless, enriching experience from start to finish.

Dive into the world of photography with us, and discover why Physis is the premier choice for discerning travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure in Costa Rica.

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Crafting Unforgettable Moments with a Stellar Team

At the heart of Physis are the extraordinary people and partnerships that make every photography tour a remarkable journey.

I am immensely proud to lead a team that is not just proficient but is a family; a collective of individuals and partner organizations bound together by our mutual commitment to delivering an exceptional photographic experience for you.

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Meet Andy

Meet Andy Bezara, the seasoned photographer, nature lover, adventurer, and founder of Physis.

As your guide and expedition leader, Andy brings not only his extensive knowledge of photography and the Costa Rican ecosystem but also his passion and enthusiasm for creating unforgettable experiences.

His commitment to excellence is recognized by his proud memberships in renowned photography associations such as the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the Photographic Society of America (PSA), the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), and The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (SIWNP).

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Dedicated Individuals, Unparalleled Expertise

Complementing Andy’s expertise is our core team of 5 passionate photographers and 20 local guides with profound knowledge of Costa Rica’s diverse landscapes and wildlife, ensuring you’re always in the right place at the right time.

We’ve forged alliances with 15 renowned hotels and lodges, ensuring your accommodation is a seamless extension of your photographic adventure.

Your journey is further enhanced by our 3 skilled tour leaders and 5 bilingual drivers, supported by a fleet of 15 buses and vans, guaranteeing comfort, convenience, and timeliness throughout your adventure.

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Benefits and Features

Photography workshops in Costa Rica you'll never forget

Private and Exclusive Tours

Private and Exclusive Tours: Experience the tranquility and focus that comes with our small, private tours, ensuring you're capturing shots without the hustle of crowds.

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All Levels Welcome

Our diverse itineraries are crafted to accommodate photographers of all skill levels and interests, ensuring a fulfilling journey for everyone.

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All-In-One Packages

With everything you need included in our packages, from accommodations to transportation, you can keep your eyes on the viewfinder and your mind on the shot.

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We Really Know Costa Rica

Our guides are not just photography experts; they're seasoned experts in Costa Rica's unique ecosystems, ready to help you snap that perfect shot.

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Daily Learnings

Every day is a learning opportunity with Physis, as our guides share invaluable knowledge about the local ecosystem and photography tips to enhance your skills.

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Get Expert Guidance

Discover the prime spots for capturing Costa Rica’s wildlife and landscapes, all while receiving personalized attention from our expert guides.

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Small Groups, Big Focus

With our small group sizes, you're guaranteed a personalized experience, ensuring you get the expert guidance and attention you deserve.

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Travel When You Want

Our variety of departure dates are designed to fit your schedule, making it easier than ever to embark on your photographic journey.

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Choose Your Duration

Whether you have a weekend or a week, our range of itineraries ensure you have the perfect amount of time to capture the beauty of Costa Rica.

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Learn What You Need

Tailor your itinerary to fit your specific interests and skill level, ensuring a journey that's as unique as your photographic style.

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Photograph What You Want

Let us guide you to the best spots, tailored to your photographic interests, ensuring you capture the essence of Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes and wildlife.

Why Our Costa Rica Photography Workshop is a Must for Every Photographer!

Your Preferences, Your Pace

Work with us to create an itinerary that meets your needs, interests, and pace, ensuring a journey that's perfectly suited to you.