Andy Bezara

Founder, owner, professional photographer, and expedition leader at Physis

A Shared Love

Much like many of us, Andy holds a deep affinity for photography and nature.

These aren’t just hobbies or interests to him; they’re a way of life. But where Andy sets himself apart is how he merges these loves, creating a unique experience for nature enthusiasts and budding photographers alike.

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Crafting Physis: The Ultimate Nature Experience

Andy’s love and commitment to showcasing the beauty of nature led him to create Physis. As the founder, owner, photographer, and expedition leader, Andy offers more than just a tour; he offers an experience.

Based in Costa Rica, Physis specializes in unique adventures that focus on photography, hiking, and immersing oneself in nature. And who better to guide you through this than someone who knows the terrain like the back of his camera?

Physis Photo Tours - Costa Rica |

A Glimpse into Andy's Credentials

Trained as a professional photographer from the renowned Technological Institute of Costa Rica, Andy’s prowess behind the lens is evident in every shot he takes. He is recognized among elite circles, being a member of several prestigious photography societies, such as:

These affiliations not only speak of Andy’s skillset but also underscore his dedication to the craft.

Physis Photo Tours - Costa Rica |

Personal Tidbits: More than Just a Photographer

Andy’s life is colored with experiences and roles that give him a distinctive edge. Notably, he’s an active member of the hiking club at the University of Costa Rica. His adventures in hiking have been further enriched by two special travel companions – his children, Oscar Andres and Isabella. They not only share his journeys but are his greatest friends and sources of inspiration.

Furthermore, with many years under his belt in the tourism sector, including co-owning AVEL, an inbound travel agency, Andy’s expertise extends beyond just photography.

Physis Photo Tours - Costa Rica |

Andy Bezara isn’t just a photographer. He’s an experience creator, a nature lover, a father, and a seasoned traveler. 

Through Physis, he invites you to not just see but to truly witness the unparalleled beauty of Costa Rica. With Andy guiding you, camera in hand, every step becomes a story, every picture a memory, and every moment an adventure.

So, why wait? Let the wonders of Costa Rica unfold before you, with Andy Bezara as your guide.

Physis Photo Tours - Costa Rica |

Andy Bezara and the Physis Team: Together for You

While Andy Bezara stands as the forefront ambassador for the wonders of Costa Rica, it’s essential to recognize the heartbeat behind Physis: a stellar team dedicated to creating unparalleled experiences for every traveler.

Physis: An Exceptional Team Shaping Extraordinary Experiences

The success and acclaim of Physis don’t rest solely on Andy’s capable shoulders. It’s a collective effort, a symphony of passionate individuals and partner organizations working diligently to ensure that every photographic journey exceeds expectations.

Physis Photo Tours - Costa Rica |

The Physis family comprises


  • 5 Ardent Photographers: Each with their unique style, these professionals ensure that participants capture the best of Costa Rica’s essence through their lenses.
  • 20 Knowledgeable Local Guides: Their in-depth understanding of Costa Rica’s nooks and crannies guarantees that tourists discover hidden gems and gain insights that aren’t available in typical guidebooks.
  • Strategic Alliances with 15 Hotels and Lodges: To make sure the experience doesn’t end once the day’s journey does. Every stay promises comfort, luxury, and a touch of Costa Rican charm.
  • 3 Expert Tour Leaders: With their vast experience and infectious enthusiasm, they curate tours that cater to varied interests and ensure every traveler gets a holistic Costa Rican experience.
  • 5 Bilingual Drivers: Ensuring smooth transportation and eliminating any language barriers for international travelers.
  • A Fleet of 15 Buses and Vans: Modern, comfortable, and always ready to transport guests to their next breathtaking destination.
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In essence, the magic of Physis isn’t conjured by one but by many. It’s this harmonious collaboration that sets them apart, making every tour not just a trip but a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime.

As Andy often says, Physis thrives not because of an individual but due to the collective dedication of a team he’s privileged to lead. It’s a family, a community, and most importantly, it’s a promise of an unforgettable Costa Rican journey.

Physis Photo Tours - Costa Rica |