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Physis Certified Hotels & Lodges

Certified Hotels & Lodges for Photographers

Physis offers certified hotels and lodges in Costa Rica specifically designed for photographers. Experience our eco-friendly photography tours and expeditions in stunning locations, with local guides, sustainable practices, and a commitment to community wellbeing.

At Physis, we believe that an extraordinary photographic journey goes beyond just capturing stunning images. It’s about immersing yourself in the environment and contributing to the preservation of its natural beauty and the welfare of its people. For this reason, we have meticulously selected certified hotels and lodges that share our commitment to social responsibility and community wellbeing.


Our accommodations are situated in some of the most breathtakingly diverse locations across Costa Rica. Not just places to rest, each is a launching pad for exploring the country’s rural, wild, and remote areas – from the lush cloud forests of Monteverde to the serene beaches of Guanacaste, and the vibrant heart of the Osa Peninsula.

On-Site Trails and Wildlife Opportunities

Most of our selected lodgings offer on-site trails, feeders, and privileged access to remarkable natural areas. These exclusive features provide a bounty of spontaneous wildlife encounters and picture-perfect moments right at your doorstep.

Local and Expert Guides

To enhance your photographic journey, our partnered lodges and hotels provide the services of local guides. These knowledgeable experts can enrich your understanding of the surrounding ecosystems, helping you take captivating and authentic photographs.

Photography-Centric Tours and Activities

Each of our selected accommodations offers specialized tours and activities tailored for photographers. From dawn birdwatching sessions to nighttime rainforest explorations, we ensure you never miss an opportunity to hone your skills and document Costa Rica’s natural splendors.

Photographer-Friendly Facilities

Our chosen accommodations feature facilities designed to meet the needs of photographers, including charging stations, secure storage, cleaning facilities, and well-lit areas for reviewing and editing your work. Several lodges also have dedicated viewing decks and hides, allowing for respectful and unobtrusive wildlife photography.

Sustainable and Ecotourism Policies

All our certified hotels and lodges adhere to robust sustainable practices and eco-tourism policies. Your stay contributes directly to the preservation of Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

Social Responsibility and Community Wellbeing

Beyond just environmental responsibility, all our chosen hotels and hostels are committed to the social well-being of their local communities. These properties have implemented policies that promote social responsibility, support local economies, preserve traditional cultures, and contribute to the overall well-being of the inhabitants.

Join us at Physis, where your photographic journey extends beyond the camera, offering an immersive experience that values and respects the vibrant nature and resilient communities of Costa Rica.

Begin Your Photographic Adventure with Physis Today

There’s a world of untouched beauty and vibrant communities waiting for you in Costa Rica. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your photography skills and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, our photography workshops are designed to inspire, challenge, and transform your perspective.

Experience the extraordinary biodiversity, meet like-minded photography enthusiasts, and contribute to the sustainability of this stunning country. Get up close and personal with Costa Rica’s wildlife, landscapes, and people like never before.

Why wait? Book a photography workshop with Physis today, and let Costa Rica reveal itself to you, one frame at a time.

Physis Certified Hotels & Lodges

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