Costa Rica: The best Latin America travel destination

Costa Rica: The best Latin America travel destination

On April 25, 2023, Madrid hosted the National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards ceremony. A group of professionals involved in the selection process narrowed the field down to 55 finalists, and votes could be cast in the various categories. The resorts and businesses selected by readers shared the same selection criteria, which included sustainability, excellence, and authenticity.

According to National Geographic, a trip to Costa Rica offers the opportunity to explore forests with amazing biodiversity, walk on beaches with mangroves and sand where turtles lay their eggs and dive in waters so pristine that they are home to a wide variety of marine life.

In addition to Costa Rica, other countries competed for the award. In the same category, it fought against Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Oaxaca (Mexico), and Ecuador. But because of its remarkable natural beauty and conservation efforts, it was able to prevail.

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