Boca Tapada Lodge

Boca Tapada Lodge

Nestled amidst the untouched village of Boca Tapada, Boca Tapada Lodge isn't just an escape into Costa Rican charm; it's a gateway into a photographer's paradise. As a proud member of Physis Certified Hotels & Lodges, the lodge prioritizes eco-conscious exploration, offering unique experiences designed to capture the breathtaking beauty of the rainforest.

Immerse Yourself in Nature: Boca Tapada Lodge, a Paradise for Eco-photographers

Boca Tapada Lodge isn’t just an escape into Costa Rican charm; it’s a gateway to a photographer’s paradise.

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Boca Tapada, a village untouched by mass tourism, the lodge is a proud member of Physis Certified Hotels & Lodges. This certification signifies their dedication to creating unforgettable experiences for nature enthusiasts, particularly those with a passion for capturing breathtaking natural beauty.

Physis Certified: Unforgettable Eco-Photography Experiences

More than just comfortable accommodations, Boca Tapada Lodge prioritizes eco-conscious exploration. Their partnership with Physis unlocks a world of photography tours and expeditions designed specifically for the lodge’s unique location. Led by knowledgeable local guides, these tours prioritize sustainable practices while ensuring an immersive experience in the rainforest’s wonders.

Boca Tapada: A Haven for Biodiversity

The lodge sits on the doorstep of the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve, a protected rainforest teeming with life. This translates to a photographer’s dream, bursting with biodiversity waiting to be captured. The surrounding area boasts a tropical rainforest ecosystem, one of the most biodiverse on Earth.

  • Capture the Lush Embrace: Towering trees like mahogany and cecropia create a dense canopy, while the forest floor bursts with life. Expect to find a photographer’s delight in lush ferns, bromeliads, and colorful orchids.
  • A Symphony of Wildlife: The dense foliage provides a haven for a stunning array of fauna. Keep your camera at the ready for a chance encounter with elusive creatures like jaguars, tapirs, and monkeys. But the real stars of the show for photographers are likely to be the vibrant birds. Toucans with their colorful beaks, scarlet macaws with their fiery plumage, and even glimpses of green iguanas basking in the sun are all common occurrences.
  • The Rio San Juan: Your Watery Perspective: The pristine Rio San Juan winds its way beside Boca Tapada Lodge, offering a vital waterway teeming with life. Imagine capturing unique photographic perspectives of the rainforest from the water, as you kayak down this pristine river.
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