Top 23 photography destinations and spots in Costa Rica

Top 23 photography destinations and spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned for its stunning biodiversity, making it a fantastic destination for all types of photography, especially nature, wildlife, bird, macro, and landscape photography. Here's a list of the Top 23 photography destinations and spots in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is renowned for its stunning biodiversity, making it a fantastic destination for all types of photography, especially nature, wildlife, bird, macro, and landscape photography. Here’s a list of some of the top photography destinations in the country:

San Gerardo de Dota

San Gerardo de Dota is a little-known birding hotspot, making it ideal for bird photographers, especially those seeking to capture the resplendent quetzal.

Boca Tapada

Located in the northern region of Costa Rica, Boca Tapada is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The region is particularly known for its high population of magnificent green macaws, making it an ideal location for bird photography. In addition, its rich biodiversity and secluded natural landscapes provide ample opportunities for wildlife, nature, and macro photography.


Sarapiquí area, located in northeastern Costa Rica, is renowned for its lush tropical rainforests, rivers, and abundant wildlife, making it an excellent location for nature and landscape photography. Its verdant forests are teeming with a variety of bird species, insects, and flora, creating great opportunities for bird, macro, and wildlife photography.

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is a wetland area that provides a sanctuary for various types of birds, reptiles, and other animals, making it one of the best locations in Costa Rica for bird, wildlife, and nature photography. It’s a particularly good location for capturing migratory waterfowl and other species that depend on wetlands. During the wet season, it’s also a great place to spot caimans, river turtles, and various monkeys.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest is a paradise for nature and macro photographers due to its lush cloud forests that are home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna.

Corcovado National Park

Known for its rich wildlife, including jaguars, tapirs, scarlet macaws, and all four Costa Rican monkey species. It’s a great place for wildlife and bird photography.

Tortuguero National Park

Famous for its sea turtle nesting sites but also has a fantastic variety of birdlife, making it a prime location for bird photography.

Arenal Volcano National Park

A great spot for landscape photography, with the volcano, forests, and lakes offering a variety of scenic views.

Manuel Antonio National Park

A great destination for wildlife photography with its abundance of species including capuchin monkeys, sloths, and a wide variety of birds.

La Selva Biological Station (Sarapiquí)

A major site for research in tropical rainforests and hence, a perfect spot for macro and bird photography.

Santa Rosa National Park

Home to a large variety of bird species and other wildlife, this is another great destination for nature photographers.

Guanacaste National Park

A place where you can capture the beauty of the dry tropical forest and diverse wildlife.

Braulio Carrillo National Park

Known for its birdlife and beautiful landscapes including volcanoes, rivers, and waterfalls.

Cahuita National Park

An excellent spot for underwater photography and wildlife photography thanks to its coral reefs and coastal rainforest.

Palo Verde National Park

A birdwatcher’s paradise during the dry season when water levels recede and large flocks gather.

Poas Volcano National Park

A fantastic destination for landscape photography due to its crater lakes and unique vegetation.

Cocos Island National Park

Renowned for its marine life, it’s a superb spot for underwater wildlife photography.

Rincón de la Vieja National Park

This place offers great opportunities for landscape photography with its unique volcanic activity and scenery.

Ballena National Marine Park

Known for its humpback whale populations and stunning marine life, this park offers ample opportunities for wildlife photography.

Carara National Park

This park has a great diversity of wildlife and birds, offering opportunities for both wildlife and bird photography.

Irazú Volcano National Park

Another great spot for landscape photography, with unique moon-like craters and often a clear view of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Los Quetzales National Park

Renowned for its namesake, the resplendent quetzal, this park is perfect for bird photography.

Tarcoles River

Known for its large population of American crocodiles, it’s a prime spot for wildlife photography.

Remember, it’s important to treat all wildlife and environments with respect. Practice the principles of Leave No Trace, keeping a safe and respectful distance from animals, and following all rules and guidelines to help preserve these beautiful places.

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